QuiqLite hands free LED lights are our answer for an improved lightweight easy to use light for medical professionals. QuiqLite LED lights can be clipped into a uniform pocket or scrub and can be used as an examining tool as it’s penlight predecessor. QuiqLite LED lights come with a constant On/Off button and adjustable LED arm, allowing you to adjust the light where it is needed.


Doctors of every type from dentists to general practitioners to surgeons use small portable hand held lights when examining patients as there size makes them convenient to use. They can be used to check areas of the mouth and throat, examine wounds and to assess pupil response.


For many of the same reasons as doctors, nurses also use lights. As they spend a lot of their time monitoring patients they tend to use lights to assess the patient’s progress rather than as an examining tool used to help diagnosis.

QuiqLite LED Lights

QuiqLite is low profile, light weight and easy to use. Simply attach QuiqLite products under the lapel of your uniform shirt pocket or Molle webbing loops of your tactical vest. With the push of a button you have hands free light. QuiqLite products give you the freedom of not having to hold your flashlight in your hand or under your arm while reading, writing or maneuvering in the dark.

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