QuiqLite Inc. (Quick Light) is a progressive company founded by Brian Quittner, a 15 year California Law Enforcement veteran. QuiqLite was invented after recognizing the need for a hands-free concealed light source that could fit into a uniform shirt pocket for reading, writing and maneuvering in the dark.

Because of QuiqLite’s unique design, ease of use and dependability, QuiqLite Inc. has become a known and trusted name in the world of public safety. Police Officers, Paramedics, Search & Rescue, Firefighters, Military and many others use and depend on QuiqLite Products to help make their jobs easier and safer while working in the dark!

Our products have been field tested in a variety of applications from casual contacts, tactical applications, search and rescue operations and a variety of challenging conditions where a hands-free light source is preferred.

Unlike other flashlights that impair your night vision by producing too much light, QuiqLite products are specifically designed to keep your night vision intact by providing just the right amount of light to get the job done!

They Say Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention!

It was a highly vulnerable situation that led Brian Quittner, a fourteen-year veteran of the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol, to create the QuiqLite pocket light. When Brian found himself in the dark after his flashlight (awkwardly tucked under his arm as he wrote a citation) fell to the ground and stopped working. He knew that a practical and reliable hands free light source was needed to help make his job easier and safer. Thus the idea of QuiqLite was born!

Back at the station, Brian sketched a prototype for a lightweight, hands-free device that could fit in a uniform shirt pocket. As his invention began to take shape Brian was careful to incorporate features that would help make his job easier and safer, such as an adjustable light arm, battery saving elements, and independent LED activation. More importantly, he knew it was essential that his apparatus not affect night vision.

What started as a safe, alternative light source for his fellow officers, soon blossomed into a business. Before long, he and wife Rachel were filling orders from their living room and shipping QuiqLite all over the world.

Today QuiqLite is popular with consumers in a variety of fields. QuiqLite has found its way into the pockets of of Law Enforcement, Military, Paramedics, Firefighters, Search & Rescue, Pilots, Industrial and recreation personnel, Outdoors-men, Technicians and many others…

Brian continues to develop high-quality light products for both professionals and consumers.

We manufacture the world’s only hands-free concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket or tactical vest. QuiqLite products give you the freedom of not having to hold your flashlight in your hand, under your arm or between your cheek and shoulder while reading, writing or maneuvering in the dark.

QuiqLite’s Sleek Design comfortably clips into your uniform shirt pocket concealed under the lapel. It also clip into the Molle webbing loops of your tactical vest. It can also be clipped on to any surface up to 1 inch thick with its rotating removable magnetic QuiqClip.

Our Products Are Smart! Our products incorporate a programmable computer circuit that offers a 10 minute auto-off battery saving feature. Our products also include a continual safety strobe that can be seen up to 1.5 miles away, for situations when you need to be seen or found!