How Many times have you dropped your flashlight while working on a patient.

QuiqLite is the perfect hands free LED light source for EMS, Firefighting and Search & Rescue professionals when a hands free light source is needed to get the job done! QuiqLite products will give you the freedom to perform many of your operations without having to hold a flashlight in your hand, under your arm, between your cheek and shoulder or in your mouth. QuiqLite will allow you to work with both hands free. Simply attach QuiqLite onto the inside of your uniform shirt pocket, tactical vest or turnout gear. With the push of a button (through the fabric) you have hands free light.

Blue/White LED configuration is used by EMS responders allowing them to easily detect body fluids with blue light while keeping night vision in tact. It is also equipped with a white LED for normal reading, writing and maneuvering in the dark. QuiqLite products are now equipped with a Pupil Gauge, located on the back of the product!

  • Patient care
  • Reading and Writing
  • Safety/Location Beacon
  • Marking Road Side Hazards
  • Maneuvering in the dark
  • And Many More

QuiqLite LED Lights

QuiqLite is low profile, light weight and easy to use. Simply attach QuiqLite products under the lapel of your uniform shirt pocket or Molle webbing loops of your tactical vest. With the push of a button you have hands free light. QuiqLite products give you the freedom of not having to hold your flashlight in your hand or under your arm while reading, writing or maneuvering in the dark.

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